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So, I'm at the time where I can upgrade my smartphone, and I've been looking into the new phones. I would really like to get people's two cents on each of the phones that they (or friends) have, and how they like them, and things they don't like.

I'm on Verizon, and my current phone is the Motorola Droid 4. I am a power user, and I like my phones built tough.

The three phones I'm looking at are: Motorola Moto X, Motorola Droid Maxx, and the HTC One.
(Right now, I have it primarily narrowed down to the Maxx and One, but I'm still open to the Moto X)

HTC One:
I really like this phone, though of the three phones, it actually has my least favorite feel. I much prefer the Moto X and the Maxx in my hands. That said, I don't dislike the feel. I also really like the "BoomSound". I'm worried about the Battery Life on it though. I've heard it is not very good. The screen is nice, but the screens on each of the phones is really a wash to me, because I honestly enjoyed all three. Going into the software, I was okay with BlinkFeed. I like staying up to date on news, so BlinkFeed isn't the horrible for me. Of the three keyboards, this was my favorite. That said, I found the Android skin on the One, hard to maneuver (that probably comes from the fact that I have a Motorola phone running Android). If someone could tell me, I couldn't figure out how to pull up the multi-tasking/app ending screen, and I also couldn't figure out how to add/find widgets under the applications.

Droid Maxx:
Of the three phones, this has my favorite finish and buttons. I love the feel of it, and it feels solid. Great display. Getting into the Android though, something didn't feel as right as the Moto X or the HTC One. The Maxx "felt" the fastest of the three, BUT it didn't have the same "Android" experience that I felt when demoing the Moto X or One. My biggest issue with this phone, is that it doesn't support FLAC. It's the one thing that has pissed me off like no other about my Droid 4. Also of the three, I didn't like the keyboard very much. That said, I'm not very used to keyboards and I'm sure I would grow to appreciate it.

Moto X:
Screen is good, feel is good, outside is generally good. There are a few issues I have with this phone. Of the three it has the smallest battery, that said, I've heard its very efficient. I could feel when I used it, that Google had been apart of the making of this phone. I did like that. But like the Maxx, this phone doesn't support FLAC.

HTC One:
Pros: Feels Solid.
Nice Screen
Boomsound and Blinkfeed.
Flac Support
Cons: Harder for me to maneuver.
Battery life.
Least favorite feel of the three.

Pros: Good screen.
Good "feel".
Huge battery.
Familiar skin.
Doesn't get the same Android feel.

Moto X:
Middle of the line.
Felt like Android.
Nice feel.
Possible battery life.

Please help!

Also, front camera quality matters to me more than the back. I use my phone for skype a good amount. The back camera, the only real time I would use it is in low light, and/or for recording (I go to a lot of concerts).