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I have a 7970 and 2 PowerColor active mini-dp to DVI adapters. I'm running 3 27's. I don't eyefinity, I just play on the main screen.
Well recently one of the adapters quit working on me, and the other started flaking out. The monitor attached to it would act like it was unplugged and plugged back in. It was annoying in games.
So I went ahead and bought 2 cheap mini-dp to DVI adapters. They weren't active AFAIK. I plugged them both into my Win7 machine and everything worked beautifully. All 3 monitors worked. I didn't even try Eyefinity, but I don't use it so it doesn't matter.

Fast forward to this weekend. I installed Win 8.1 on my machine. Now all of a sudden I can only use 2 of the 3 monitors. I plugged in my flaky "active" adapter and I can now use all 3. What is the difference between Win7 and Win8.1 that is stopping me from using the other adapters? I think they are probably passive, but it never bothered Win7 before. Like I said, I'm not using eyefinity anyway. Anybody else having this issue?