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CaseLabs customer support!

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I ordered a Mercury S3 about a month ago and it arrived in perfect condition and I've been amazed at the build quality of this case.

Since my order missed the modification made to the motherboard tray (now with push-in rubber standoff) I contacted CaseLabs customer support to order a replacement tray. Customer support quickly responded and wanted to ship me the rubber standoff. I currently don't have anyway of drilling the hole myself so I asked if I could just go ahead and purchase a replacement tray. A few days passed without a response and then I received an email that a package was being shipped, CaseLabs sent me a replacement motherboard tray without being charged.

I just wanted to take the time to thank CaseLabs for an excellent product and a level of customer service that you just don't see very often these days. With my experience being this good with the S3 I went ahead and ordered a SM8 yesterday, consider me a very satisfied customer.
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Aww thanks!! redface.gif We take quite a bit of pride in our CS and I'm glad it shows biggrin.gif
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