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I need to see a screen shot like above but when your CPU is actually throttling. Bump the multiplier back up to 44 in the bios and test again.

The thing that looks odd is the turbo time limits. If the bios is not setting these up correctly, that might be the cause of your problems. Your screen shot shows your CPU is at 61.1 Watts. When running under the TDP limit, it should be using full turbo boost and in your screen shot it is. When you bump the multi up, keep a close eye on this number while testing. If long term this is being held under the 77W TDP value then it might be the time limits that are not being set correctly by the bios so your 208 Watt TDP request is being ignored.
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This forum post here has a newer BIOS version than what's on the Gigabyte website: http://forums.tweaktown.com/gigabyte/28441-gigabyte-latest-beta-bios-11.html#post274647

You might want to try that.
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Thanks for that link Deepor. I have 5 options on beta BIOS' for my z77-HD3. I can't find any info on these unfortunatley, any ideas which ones I should give a shot?
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I'd try that F3. The missing letter at the end could mean it's "stable" instead of beta (probably wrong thought as it should be on Gigabyte's website if it's really not beta).
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ThrottleStop 6.00

The latest version of this program should let you adjust the turbo time limit while in Windows. Give that a try first if you are not sure about flashing a beta bios.
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Any idea what I should set my 'turbo time limits' to in Throttlestop? I have disabled BD PROCHOT, this seemed to help my Throttling when I overclock higher than 4.5+. Also on a side not I think I am going to replace my current, el cheapo closed-loop water cooling solution to a H80i, thoughts? Recommendations of something different?
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You haven't posted any screen shots of ThrottleStop. Run Prime95 or something and show us what sort of throttling you are seeing now when the CPU is fully loaded. What does the Power Limits window show?

BD PROCHOT can force a CPU down to the 16 multiplier but some throttling with a higher multiplier is usually a power limits issue.
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