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Hey there smile.gif

To beginn with, I'm a hardware scrub. I don't really know much about technical stuff. And I read the sticky threads in here so my questions didn't get answered or I didn't understand the guides. I'm just trying to get the most out of my precious mouse smile.gif

I wanted to know what the native dpi of my razer DA 3.5G is. I found out that the sensor of the mouse is the S3888 ( and I invested alot of time to find the native dpi of that sensor. Not an easy task as it turns out, I think razer didn't release that information and ppl are just guessing. The best information I found was "All Deathadder releases have the best perfect control speed at the 1800 DPI setting" ( I think "the perfect control speed" is probably the native dpi, right?

Well my journey went on because there's another thing that alienates me. You can adjust the mouse sensitivity on a 1-10 scale in the razer driver itself - independant from the windows pointer options. So to find the "perfect control speed" I guess you need to nail the native dpi PLUS the default razer driver sens. Which I am not sure what value it is and I can't really find anything on the internet. So I thought I'd test it myself and uninstalled and reinstalled my driver a few times and changed all settings before uninstalling to see if stuff gets saved on the mouse or things like that and what gets reset. I always did the same thing. Install the razer driver. Reboot PC. Open razer driver, change driver settings, uninstall razer driver, reboot PC. The results confused me even more.

After the first uninstall-reboot I was pretty sure the dpi was at 900 (weird enough the windows pointer speed settings seem to have been changed in the process somehow but after resetting windows settings to 6/11 and no accel it felt like 900 dpi). So I was like, cool so the native dpi is 900. Then I reinstalled the razer driver to see if all the settings got reset. But something weird happened again, after installing the driver the mouse felt considerably faster and I realized the dpi was at 1800 (which makes me 99.9999% sure it was at 900 before driver installation). So what is the native dpi of the sensor now? the one that you get if you don't have a driver, or the default driver settings -.-'.

If I had to take a somewhat uneducated guess I would say the 900 dpi are native and got changed by the driver to 1800 but it's not really native if it gets changed by the driver, right? So I was like, ok the dude on overclock seems to be wrong which was not really satisfying because he probably knows way more than me, I just did some trial and error... So I did the whole change settings stuff then uninstall driver process again. Guess what, something confusing happened. After the uninstall - reboot, my mouse seemed way faster than last time, so I checked if my windows settigns got changed again. But they were still 6/11 and no mouse accel. So I'm pretty sure the second time the no-driver sens (native?!) was at 1800 unlike last time. I reinstalled the driver again and it stayed at 1800. So I guess now the native sens is 1800 after all? I'm too lazy to keep on doing this and get more "data". I don't even really know what my question to you guys is now (I guess you don't have an explanation for the weird behaviour as well?), probably if you would agree that the native sens is 1800? and the razer driver sensitivity was always at 10/10 after reinstalling even if I changed it before uninstalling so I guess that's the proper value.

Another question at this point would be: Does the mouse itself have memory that saves the settings even after unintalling the drivers? I just assumed that would not be the case. Before uninstalling the driver I changed the razer driver mouse sens to 1 both times. The first time it seemed to have effected the windows settings after uninstalling the driver, the second time it seemed to have no effect and just got reset to 10. If the settings get saved on the mouse itself I guess my testing was pointless and to find the native settings I would need to reset the firmware, right?

I'd just feel reliefed if you can tell me that the Razer Deathadder 3.5G with the S3888 sensor is performing best at 1800dpi and 10/10 razer driver sens (which seem to be the "native" values if you don't have a driver installed, according to my testing). Windows sens ofc 6/11 and no accel. And I got told that you should uninstall the razer driver anyways, since it could cause input lag?

Thanks in advance for everyone who dares reading this =)