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Ok so ive read a lot of things on this site aswell ive even read on tom's hardware through google search what i had found but i still don't know the limits and what indicates that the OC isn't stable?

If the OC isn't stable the Nvidia driver crashes right? and nothing harmful i guess cuz just shutsdown the card and win7 autoboots the driver .... i never really reached over 65*C, So temp is not an issue yet. But im not sure so asking you guys for advice

Using the wellknown and popular MSI Afterburner along with Benchmark Unigine Heaven.

Read a lot of threads and i have one other problem too. One place they said start with overclocking the memory clock and core clock together like if i raise core +50 i should raise memory +50 too. But one other place said that first try the max of each clock separately.......errrr well whats the right way?


Another thing i can't figure out how to stop is the instant freeze and releasing when im running Unigine Heaven (im running it at max settings - 1monitor - no stereo 3d)

Ive been testing frequencies and sometimes rarely on Unigine Heaven the Frame vertically splits a bit at 1 random place (usually around the center) for a split second - like really fast. What does this mean?

Watched a few SSs of ppls OC on an MSI Afterburner and i noticed that most have lower core clock + than on memory clock
so for ex. the Core Clock is like +100 and the Memory Clock about +350. Thats most common for cards right ? and if i turn up my memory higher that won't burn it?

It's kinda long *my Issues* biggrin.gif I appreciate it Thx

And if i got something wrong and seem too *novice* sorry smile.gif