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CD ROM drive voltage questions

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Okay, so here it goes. I am working on doing an In Dash mod for my pickup. I am going to install either a Note II or maybe a Nexus 7. I wish to make this a removable device. It will replace my normal car stereo. To make this easier...and well maybe give it a little cool factor, I plan to use a CD-ROM drive to force this Tablet in and out of the hole.

Now for my question. If I am to hookup this CD-ROM drive to my vehicle, I will need to give it power. This being said, what voltage does it require to cycle the drawer in the drive? I have read 5v or 12v, haven't seemed to get a good answer on that from my googling it. I realize I will have to step it down being a vehicle's voltage is 14.4v average. and recommendations on what to use that would take up little to no space for that as well?

Thanks for your help guys. Figured this would be the best place to come for this info since i can't seem to find it.
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Find yourself a car to PC psu. They are fairly easy to come by.

Something like this.

It is basically a DC to DC PSU designed for the car.

I think a cd drive only needs the 12v line however. You could always test it using a junk drive.
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