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M5a97 No display

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Hello I just recently bought a M5a97 mobo and when i plug in all my stuff it won't display anything, the thing is ive tried the psu and cpu fan in an older computer and it works fine. The motherboard ijust got came with a processor (960t BE) Also i got this motherboard because the old one i bought (MA770T-UD3P) wouldn't boot (would post and hang but not boot), but this board (M5A97) doesn't even display at all. The graphics card seemed to work since i could see the splash screen and got to the post screen where it would hang up all the time or either enter a blue screen saying "CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR - DEFAULT LOADED" (MA770T-UD3P board). So I tried to test my stuff in another one (M5A97). Tried both processors in each motherboards i get the same results. The MA770T-Ud3P board displays the type of processors so that wouldn't be the problem? The ram shows like ddr3 unganged mode 1066 or something. I have read somewhere that the gpu can be the cause of these hangs. I have a 2400 xt in the board, could that be the problem?

gpu: 2400 xt
ram: 4GB pny ram
cpu: 960t Black Edition, (also used phenom ll b59 "phenom 565 c3")
psu: EP-650-TD1
cpu fan: Hyper 212+

I have posted this elsewhere and nobody has replied and idk what to do frown.gif pls help
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Few questions:

1) This is Windows right? Because you did say that you got the blue screen with the CMOS Checksum Error. That is the blue screen of death. To be honest, I just built a new rig and when I plugged in my old HDD my Windows gave me the same message (I havent used it in a few years as I use Linux). But I did not even try to fix that error in Windows. Rather I took the HDD out of my old laptop, reformatted, and installed Vista rather than try to use an error ridden HDD on a new mobo.

2) Do you have an old or cheaper video card to plug in?

3) Any chance that you may have a usb powered display?

When I fired mine up for the first time I didn't have any display either. But my fix was as simple as removing the video card, disconnecting all power, waiting a few minutes, and then reassembling. (it turned out that I had followed instructions online that were incorrect). But I was about to borrow a usb display from a friend if that didnt work just so I could get into the BIOS and take a look around
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