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Upgrade time

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I am about to upgrade from 2x 560 ti, I am running a 2700k at 4.5 ghz and using 3 displays I run some of my games at 6020-1080 with low settings and others i can play at 1080p maxed at 60-120 fps, I am planning on upgrading to 2x 760 4gb but lots of threads online says I need 384 bit memory for surround gaming, I can kind of afford a 780 or a 2nd hand GTX Titan, what do you guys thing i should be looking at, My original idea was 2x 760 or 2x 670 but they have lower mem bandwidth. I use cuda cores for 3D work and I love max physx settings so I will be buying Nvidia. Any input/advice would be great.
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First, I'm about to upgrade from 560Ti's (same model lol) also. (One in my rig, I gave the other one away recently to my kid). We are in the same boat. I run a single monitor here, so my need is a little different.

It is general consensus around here (benchmarks proved it), that the 760s and the 670s don't benefit from 4GB of Vram. Those cards aren't really powerful enough to use the extra memory.

Believe it of not, right now, even the 770s don't seem to benefit/use more than 2GB.....(unless you try to run heavyly modded SKYRIM).

If you want good multimonitor support, look for a 780 or Titan (or R9 290X).....15th October should bring a price drop on those
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Wait 280x and compare vs 7970 non ghz in cfx
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