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Graphic card size/dimension/form factor/whatever

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I want draw/model a computer using CAD software, but I don't have any sheet explaining some component's size.

I only have a pdf about ATX 2.2 which contains exact standard size for PSUs and motherboards; I need the same for graphic cards, disks, optical units, fans and PCI shield/backplate (THIS: http://www.dangerden.com/store/images/D/10-Slot-PCI-Bracket-1000.jpg).

I've looked quite a lot but found nothing.
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Hi there

OK, Firstly let me check this straight - you want to use CAD soft and model a new PC on it ? no idea why you need that but not my business

Now here's how it goes:

microATX, ATX , Full ATX..... there is probably even more but im not familiar with them - so thats the standards for Motherboard sizes

Graphics cards nowadays from maybe the past 10 years now use PCI, PCI-e (PCI Express) standards. There is no size limit for Graphics cards unless ofc the designers have to think about how much space there is inside the PC case hehehe Those PCI, PCI-e are the type of connecting the graphics cards use to be mounted on Motherboards.

Now the Backplate of the Motherboard comes stock with every motherboard dude..... and you can find the sizes of motherboards on the official sites....

CD/DVD drive its all same unless its a external one

Every PC case usually has about 10 slots on the back for mounting cards so don't think that will be a problem for you. Just find the case mesure that.

I think that pretty much covers it. Good luck
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I have to model my case, I want to create a custom one, so I need to create single components and assembly them until I won't find a solution I like.

But I need the exact measurements, expecially holes locations.

The only thing I've found are these: http://www.formfactors.org/developer%5Cspecs%5Catx2_2.pdf
which explain really well PSU and motherboard sizes.
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Well from what i understand you want to build your pc from scratch even components and stuff - like byyourself no brand components right?

Well if i were you i would find/make the case first - compare the space inside normal cases that are for sale and thats your guideline ... well i guess

then Motherboard size has to fit inside .... and the cards HDD CD/DVD. Make sure you look at a PC inside how things are positioned.

Anyway don't think im gonna be much of help to you. im not familiar with the size aspects of components

Oh yeah . For the holes well for the holes ... you should get your hands on a MB to locate the stuff and use a measuring tool. Because they have standards to keep at microATX, ATX, ...etc. the holes should be at the same places on every board depending on what type the formfactor is.

not rly sure if this will help you but good luck thumb.gif
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Yes I'm building it completely from scratch.
I don't need to look at a normal case as mine will be bigger and unconventional.

I already have motherboard and PSU dimensions, I'm lacking hole locations on 5.25", 3.5" and 2.5" and dimensions of PCI shield.
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well this is out of my field of knowledge bro

but as i said above maybe if you find and examine some standard pc cases that could give you a clue or idk maybe some inspiration how to design yours.

well anyway take a look at this http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/254899-28-building-case-scratch
that should atleast provide some info and there are a lot of keywords you can use to search in google or any search engine...

Not really my field of specialties. sorry

Hope it helps
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