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i need help finding some stuff for the project i want to do. im going to build a model of this

accept with blue lighting

im wondering if you guys could help me find the pieces. i would like reservoir's that look like his. oh and switches like his to turn the computer on.

now to the gpu question. do you guys think i should get 2 r9 290's not the x version or just get 2 7970's and overclock them since il be water cooling. the game bundles don't matter.

once the r9 series comes out 7970's will probably be around 270-300 where the 290's will be about $400 a piece. oh and I want to be running games like battlefield 4 across 3 monitors staying above 40-50 fps. im leaning towards the 7970's because i can just overclock them. if i should get the 7970's which one should i get that is not voltage locked?