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Hello community, it is i Markes12344, or Mark for short, which no one seems to ever get.

I have a question, easily stated as the following;

-Laing D5 PWM pump
-XSPC dual bay res w/ internal D5 pump intergration
-New CPU block from Bitspower
-Few new Bitspower Fittings
-HOSE obv

-360 Rad
-assortment of Bitspower fittings
-Bitspower Temp sensor

Moving to fist gamming pc
-Thermaltake bigwater 760 plus kit

and basically i want to clean the old stuff for sure before i run the chance of contaminating the new stuff with dirtiness. and if at all possible clean the Thermaltake kit (CPU block, Pump, Rad, Res) before it goes into the other pc.
BUT im not sure what is the best way to go about this. i was thinking a distilled water/bleach mix with all steel parts-soak-than rinse with distilled water. is there a better way?? is that the right way?

after all i kinda left my old system go for a year no maintenance. who knows what concoction is growing within the rad alone.

Anywho guess thats all for now... ask any question needed. please give any input you can.

Thank you Markes12344