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Running the R9-290

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Okay, so I guess since AMD is playing their cards to close to their chest, my question will probably only lead to speculation rather than anything definitive. But, I want to get your opinions anyways. I'm sure many of you can make educated guesses.

I'm considering snatching up one of these cards but I'm a little worried that with this GPU upgrade, I'm gonna be forced to upgrade a couple other things along with it. Right now I'm running the six core fx-6300 clocked at 4ghz. Along with a seasonic 620w PSU. Do you guys rekon that I will need/should upgrade my cpu to a fx-8350? And should I snatch up a PSU with a little extra juice? I'm not really looking to rock any kind of crazy resolution or anything. Just your standard 1080p and trying to keep things at a smooth 60fps.
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A cpu upgrade would be a good idea, however I dont think it will bottleneck in too many games. A psu upgrade is one that i would definitely go for, especially if you do upgrade your cpu.
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Yeah, I second the psu upgrade, just get a good quality 850w unit.
As for cpu, the 6300 should be fine if you oc it a bit more the better...You won't notice a big difference going for the 8 core fx chips.
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