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My first Windows computer

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I have been a Mac user for many years now and I was told I needed a Mac pro for work "$$$$$$$$$$" so i built my own computer that cost me 1/4 the price with three times as fast.
I will be honest I don't know anything about widows or computers for that matter but i pulled of my own build without starting a fire:).


CPU: Intel i7-4770k Overclock able edition "to scared to do it."
GPU: ASUS DirectCU II OC 770 geforce GTX
RAM: "upgraded" 32GB Corsair Vengance
Mother Board: Z87 Sabertooth
CPU Cooling: H80i push pull
Power Supply: Corsair HX1050 Modular
Wireless card: ASUS dual-band wireless-N600
SSD: Two Kingston Hyperx in raid 0 I think.
HDD: 7 1.5 TB seagates two 3tb seagates
Case: CM STORM Stryker XL-ATX; Ifound issues with the hard drive bays the fans will not allow you to run esata cables and the esata power cables so you need Tin snips

I'm going to finish sleeving it when i get the appropriate tools in the mail. I will sleeve every single wire! I have already sleeved every wire that comes with the Corsair Hx-1050
I've used 550 para cord and almost no heat shrink for a seamless look. I also moved the cd thing into the case, don't know why but i did.

finished product.

Heat sensors ive redone them in solid green.

I've added 3 fans to the front with zip ties. You will have to break the little tabs off the expansion slot covers or they will hit the fans. You'll see! CD thing is no longer there moved it to a less functional place.

I still use one of my macs. as a mouse pad, Shots fired. jk

I turned my hard drive bays and then turned them back.

My work area when I am not behind a camera or being yelled for crossing the track.

I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did.
If you see anything wrong with it let me know please I don't know anything about this stuff.
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Miles over spec'ed on your PSU and with the single GPU solution you picked your machine will pull around 550w at top whack.

Not really my choice of case but it's not bad by any stretch... It's a pretty decent build you've done there with the exception of the PSU.
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I intend to run two or more upgraded graphics cards. I got the power supply for a really good price so I couldn't pass it up.thumb.gif
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