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I underestimated the cooling power of a good case.

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Jeeeeeesus. You know, i don't know where this stems from but as far as i can recall, i have always neglected buying a proper PC case. Why? Because my temperatures kind of felt cool, i couldn't see any room for improvement. Also, i didn't realize a proper case will really deduct THAT much from your average joe's case's temperature.

So lately i've been looking for performance comparisons between your average case and a well recieved cooling case -> Couldn't find any compariosns on the net though.

So what made me jump to a new case?Improper drivers made me panick and for some reason i started wandering with my thoughts looking for something to blame, and i decided to blame bad air flow. Sorry air flow :-(...

soo...i immediatily ORDERED the Cooler Master enforcer atx.. Later i realised there's something incredibly wrong with my software and it was not the case's fault. Regardless, i thought i'd take the new case anyway. And i do not regret it. AT ALL!

Here's what i recall from my old system ->

CPU (old case) idle: 30~35
GPU (old case) idle: ~36
Cpu (old case) gaming : 56~62 oc('d 4ghz)
GPU (old case) (oc'd) : 65~75

Cpu now idle: 22~26
gpu idle : ~28
cpu now (gaming): 52~58 (oc'd 4ghz)
gpu now (gaming): ~61

Everything here is in celsius. I'm so happy, because this means i can push my gpu even further OC wise without having to move my GPU's fans up to 70% (which sounds like a helicopter propeller)..

Amazing, amazing! I'm happy!

I 'm just curious, am i searching for the wrong terms or are there no temperature benchmarks on the internet? I mean, for a person like me, i never felt the need to upgrade because i didn't wanna waste money on a case since i always thought the improvement is neglible. But no.. in my case it's a amazing.

p.s: i hope i didn't post in the wrong thread or anything. It's one of those moments where you feel like you just spend the money on the RIGHT thing. Love it!
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enforcer is not a bad case. i considered it awhile back. but i decided to spend some extra cash and get the best instead(FT02). considering a case is something you'd keep for a LOOOOOOONG time (for at least 10+ years since ATX form factor is not going away anytime soon) i think the additional $ spent is well worth it.

the enforcer has abit more plastic then i'd like. but the overall design is decent. the door to the 5.25 bays is likely to fall off after maybe 5+ years of use, but that's the nature of plastic, they get dried out and become brittle. but the enforcer has good airflow design and it's not too loud. unfortunately the 200mm fan size is kind of an odd ball since there is no "standard" for it so you are pretty much stuck with coolermaster fans as upgrades. you can improve the airflow even more if you do some dremel work on the fan grills for the front 200mm intake fan and the rear 120mm exhaust. leave the grill alone on the top since that's a dust entry point and you want to block dust from settling while your machine is off. in fact i'd just tape that grill off to prevent any dust from entering. i would not recommend adding a 200mm fan on the top since that will make your case into a negative pressure case and collect dust. inside.

it's a good case for its price range. i'm glade you found out what a good case design can do for your cooling smile.gif
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