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I need help with clocking some memory. I upgraded to 18gb from 6gb and it actually seems slower.

I originally had 6gb (3x 2gb) from G.Skill and i decided to buy the 12gb G.Skill to add to this to bump me to 18gb memory. When i did this the system would get to verifying DRAM and reboot over and over. so i reset the cmos and started over. now on auto it seems to work but i feel like the computer is a little more sluggish than it was and i can't quite figure this out. i feel like i'm missing a setting in the bios, i've never actually gotten in depth with overclocking before.

here's my 3dmark. A friend has a computer that shouldn't be higher than mine but is scoring over a thousand points higher.

Here's the memory i purchased

here's what i had. 3x of this

my mobo

and here's a CPU-Z validation. I can't fit the entire .txt log file here and i'm just posting anything i think might help

I got this too. everything seems right? why is my score so low and does the pc seem like it's slower since i added the 12 gigs?