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Hello, I know this is an old thread but I'm having this exact same problem, wondered if you could help...

I have 7990 and I'm getting 40-60 fps on BF4. What was your CPU? Mine is an i5 2500k, which is great for overclocking but my motherboard doesn't allow it to be overclocked. Only thing is my friend has a 7990 and is getting great FPS on BF4 (70/80+) and he has an i5 which is 3rd generation but has slightly less GHZ than mine...

So, please can you tell me what your CPU was, and what results you got after overclocking? If it's a case of buying a new MB I will happily do so.

I really want to reach the potential of my card! At the moment I'm no where near... thanks.

Lower the anti aliasing.