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Hello everyone!
Alright so I'm going to build my new PC in the Corsair Carbide Air 540

My specs will be:
ASUS Maximus VI Extreme (unless you guys can suggest something better)
Intel 4770K
Corsair AX860
Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB kit (8Gx2) 1600mhz

To cool the CPU, I will get the Corsair H100i. I will change all the fans (case fans and H100i fans).
Now I was thinking to push/pull the H100i using 4 Corsair SP 120 Quiet Edition PWM fans at the top of the case as exhaust. (Or should I get the non PWM version?)
I will also use 3 x SP 120 Quiet Edition PWM fans at the front for intake, and then 1 x AF 140 Quiet Edition Fan at the rear for exhaust.

Do you guys think this set up is fine? Is the pressure and all that going to be good?
Also are the fans that I'm using fine, or should I go for non PWM version?
And is push/pull fine? Or should I just do push with 2 x SP 120 fans?
I would like my system to be quiet so if you guys could tell me whether it will be nice and quiet when setting it up like this that would be great!

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