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yet another advice thread

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Right now I am running a Q6600 on a p5k-e wifi ap, water cooled 3.8ghz 24/7 stable.
I have been out of the hardware loop for sometime and need some advice, I have a 800w corsair PSU, a NXT Phantom case and £300 pounds.
I game some but its not the primary use of the PC. Recoding is alot of the use.

I need some advice on the CPU/Motherboard/RAM/graphics card.

I can make do with my GTS 250 for now as my monitor is very old and only runs 1280×720 I have one on the way (i didnt need advice on this as I got a 27 led monitor for £130, just need to wait for 6 weeks)

I need advice on what is best price wise for £300, needing a CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card

I am willing to slide the ram as I have 6 gig of mixed ddr3 RAM that will do just now It would be nice to get some RAM as well but not really needed.

the graphic card isnt needed as said I wont have the new monitor for a good few weeks.

I was thinking i5 2500k and a higher end motherboard, I would have said a i7 950 but the socket as far as I can read is dead.

Im kind of in a limbo as there is so much reading and comparing I wouldnt be on top of things till the next intel processor comes out.
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If you can find a good 2500K or 2600K for a good price grab it, the Motherboard does not need to be anything high end because sandy, ivy and haswell dont depend much on the Mobo like your current CPU does, in the end all comes down to the CPU if it is a good clocker or not. So see a 1155 Board that will fit your needs i had a Asrock Z77 Pro3 and it was an OK board (and cheap) it pushed my 3570K to 5.1GHz. About RAM just grab a 8GB Kit (1600 is enough though if you do benchmarking go for 2133/2400 no real gain for anything else). About VGA if you dont play i dont see the need to change your current one if you play now and then maybe a 7850/7870 is a good bet thumb.gif
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I was looking at an older i7 950 setup but I like to clock so is the 2500k/2600k better for options clocking wise.
Speed wise I see no real benefit over 3770k vs 2600k/2700k or even a overclocked 2500k.

I do game, but nothing that a q6600 cant max....though batman is coming.

The 7870 advice is noted....and was one of the cards I thought of, price wise its on the money, performance vs price its a contender (penciled in).

RAM, all im going to need is 8 gig, I would like that over 2 sticks due to overclocking concerns or am I out of date and clocking with 4 sticks is just as stable?
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Clocking wise the best choices are 2500k/2600k, now the R9 270/280 are out it might be worth it to take a look at them, use just 2 sticks for the Ram its easier for the CPU IMC to handle and they clock better thumb.gif
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