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FX 8350 - MPrime/Prime95 Worker Stopped on ANY OC

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I'm trying to overclock the 8350 in the rig in my profile, an no matter what I do, MPrime(The Linux version of Prime95) fails because a worker stops. Cooling is fine, that is not even remotely an issue. I've set the VCore to 1.45 and the LLC to to Ultra High with the Voltage Over Current to 120%. Cool n' quiet, C1E, SVM, C6, turbo core, and Spread spectrum all are disabled. Extreme tweaking is enabled. I've tried various configurations of these on every multiplier from 22 up to 25, and the results range from workers stopping at best to kernel panics and system lock up at worst. Is there something that I'm missing? It can't seem to get ANY overclock.
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I'd be happy to try helping but will say I know nothing of Linux.
Also not sure of your experience level so please don't think I ever intend to belittle you.

Make sure to also set
Ai OC tuner - manual
CPU Level Up - Cancel
guessing you knew this already.

Manually enter ALL Dram specs (freq, timing and voltage).

In bios it's best to manually enter as many values as possible (that you know).
If you don't know what one is leave on default till you can research or ask.

If MPrime is the same as Prime95 (again here I have no knowledge) I would recommend additional CPU/NB and /or Dram voltage for a worker failing.
If you are not aware many FX owners have issues running Prime95 OC'd and a few even at stock settings.
Prime95 takes a lot of Vcore over IBT AVX version to run stable. My OC's always pass 24 hrs of prime95 but with this 8350 it took me over six months to find that semi sweet spot to allow it to pass. Honestly for the longest time I was convinced mine would never pass lol.

The CHV-Z and 8350 are awesome but it does take time. Over volting will kill an OC as fast as under volting and it's a fine balance after a certain point.

You should always start out with stock voltages and freqs (manually entered) and test for say 20 minutes. If it passes stock make small increases to CPU multiplier followed with same test. Repeat till it fails. At this point make a small increase in voltage and retest. Repeat.
Only increase what is necessary, when it's necessary. Never just throw a number out there and see what happens. It's way to easy to over shoot and cause instability.

Judging from your sig rig I apologize again because I feel you may already know this.

Can you post a snip with something similar to HWInfo and CPUZ that shows where you are currently at?
I have bios snips if you feel they would be of any help.
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check your rams o.o
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Thanks guys. I actually wanted a complete rundown of where I could have gone wrong. I haven't done a serious AMD overclock in a while. I have to check but I may have left the RAM on auto. I wasn't paying much attention to it.
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There is an 8350 Overclocking written tutorial around these boards..
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