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Thanks a ton Bucho! The ep45-ud3p 1.6 bios you provided works great with my e5450.
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Originally Posted by gagarin77 View Post

Hi guys. How does FSB 520 sounds:D

Nice OC. I'll be interested if you can keep that thing cool at that speed. I had to add a high speed server 120mm fan to mine to get enough air through the HSF! Thank goodness my case has fan speed controls on the front to turn it down when not in heavy use
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Its seems that i cant load the rom. I just get a CB195.exe file. Whats happening?
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Just joined overclock.net to post a success, just replaced my Dual Core Pentium 5700 with a Quad Core Xeon 5440 (stepping C0)(clocked at 3.4 ghz) using the 771 to 775 mod instructions on my Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L rev.1 motherboard. Nice thing about all this I'm using the latest Bios from Gigabyte(F9) did not have to modify my bois or anything, speedstep and sse 4.1 are all recognized by cupid and windows 8.1.

Cool thanks to everyone who posted and contributed to all the info about this mod.

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Ok ...

The two links below are zip files of BIOS files for the P35-DQ6 and P965-DQ6 boards. Each file contains the latest BIOS as well as one with microcodes. The non-modified BIOSes were pulled directly from the motherboards.

I have flashed the P35-DQ6 board with the modified BIOS and it seems fine.

I have not flashed P965-DQ6 yet. I had to use the command to pull the splash screen image and that allowed me to add the microcodes. Assuming I did the image file removal correctly I expect it to work but I've not tried it.

The files are on one of my servers and these are direct links:


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How do i load this supposed ROM file into MMTOOL?
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Originally Posted by Sykobabble View Post

How do i load this supposed ROM file into MMTOOL?

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I have no idea where to find this ROM file lol.....
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Could someone help? I don´t get how to update microcode or at least i can´t find particular one. MoBo is Asus P5K-VM (BIOS can be found http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5KVM/HelpDesk_Download/) and processor is Xeon L5420. Works well, but says it can´t find microcode press F1. If someone can add microcode or tell me how to easiest find it from others at package, then i would be very happy smile.gif
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Xeon E5450 + GigaByte GA-EP35-DS3 confirmed
successfully updated microcode (Award BIOS)

microcode update for GigaByte GA-EP35-DS3
- original firmware latest rev. F4
- updated firmware with LGA771 microcodes
- updated firmware with LGA771 microcodes + SLIC (v. 2.1 ASUS)

BIOS.zip 1818k .zip file
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