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Merlin SM8

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Just ordered my case now the wait begins!
I am so excited to get this case and fill it up, need to start saving. LOL

SM8.png 214k .png file

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Awesome biggrin.gif

Congratz to you too thumb.gif

is that the sabertooth z87 u got there? and how far did you go with OCing the cpu?
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Originally Posted by chimaychanga View Post

Awesome biggrin.gif

Congratz to you too thumb.gif

is that the sabertooth z87 u got there? and how far did you go with OCing the cpu?

Thank you
Yes I have the Asus Z87 Sabertooth, x46 @ 1.264v is the best so far.
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It's here! I think my wallet is hiding. It knows what I am planning.

Thank you Case Labs biggrin.gif:D
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Congratz man thumb.gif

any upgrade plans?
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Thank you

To many upgrade plans, a good problem!
Going to put the evga 780 under water, most likely with evga block. will go good with the back plate I already have.
I am thinking 2x 360 monsta rads push pull, even though it means getting rid of my dvd drive I think. no biggie but, I always had one.
Already bought the Bitspower Pump mod kit (black sparkle) and the pump top (black). need to get rid of my bay res, this leads to a question.
Bitspower has the res that can go on top of my pump top witch looks good but, I am not sure if I like the way it mounts( straight up I mean) don't think it will look as good as the usual mount position. Really not sure what way to go yet. Any thoughts? Also the 270 Photon from Xspc looks really good.
I am also playing with the idea of the primochill rigid tubing, so damn good looking and stays much clearer than regular plastic tubing.

By now I am sure you are sorry you asked. LOL
My head is spinning, so many choices. thumb.gif
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I guess it comes down to esthetics..
I ordered the Bitspower 150 upgrade kit clear version along with the acrylic mod top and the Bitspower mod kit black version.
I really love this pump and res setup. Hopefully it will be ready for pickup at the post office tomorrow smile.gif
Ill also be doing a fully acrylic tubing with Bitspower fittings thumb.gif
Are you familiar with Singularity Computers on youtube? If you havent.. i definitely recommend checking him out !
I have been following hes channel for a couple of years now and he basically made me buy the SM8 and also inspired me to do my first warercooling system.
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Been watching singularity computers too, love his work. One thing I like about the Primochill vs the way he does it, you don't need all those Bitspower fittings. It can really add up his way. Also I think the Primochill method is a cleaner look without all the extensions and multiple 90's. I guess that is a matter of opinion.

I hope you get your part tomorrow, waiting is terrible. We all know the feeling!
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Bending the acrylic is nice also but im i love with Bitspower fittings biggrin.gif
I know that Daniel@Singularity will be messing around with the acrylic in hes future client build logs.
I might be trying it out also.
Damn its 6am.. better stop the researching and call it a day typer.gif
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