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BLVCK // PRODIGY // WC Acrylic

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First I would like to apologize for, yet another Prodigy build. I bought this case last year and shelved it but now I have decided to break it out and create a small enthusiast build. I think something like this would be challenging and fun. The objective of this is to test my skills especially since this is my first custom water cooled system.

I have been a member of OCN for a couple years now and this is my second build log. I am still new at building custom pcs and for the past month or so I have been pretty consumed by planning my parts, issue being my budget. I have already purchased some parts but anything I havent bought yet could change at any time.

Parts List
[x] Bitfenix Prodigy Black
[x] Intel Core i5-4670k
[x] Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WIFI
[x] EVGA GeForce GTX 760
[x] Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB)
[x] SeaSonic X Series X650 [/S]Gold
[x] Samsung Evo 840 250GB
[x] Fans

[x] XSPC RayStorm CPU Waterblack - Acetal
[ ] XSPC GTX 670 Full Coverage Waterblock
[x] XSPC EX240 Dual 120mm Low Profile Radiator
[x] Swiftech MCP355 12v Water Pump
[x] PrimoChilll 1/2" OD Rigid Acrylic Tube
[x] PrimoChill Ghost Compression Fittings and various adapters
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Was bored today

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Update 10/11:
Recieved some parts today and ordered the GPU which completes the pc component list. I will purchase all of the water cooling parts in the coming weeks but or now I will assemble the computer and install windows and some games while I wait for the GPU to arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

Apologies, I am using my camera phone, the point and shoot is at my parents place:

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Awesome photo quality! thumb.gif
What camera and lens did you use? *You used a phone... Dat quality shots, what phone?

I love the specs you got there, what are you going to use your First Awesome PC?

Can't wait to see your water cooling set-up, I'm very excited about it and I'm waiting for an update tongue.gif

You got my sub
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Thank you, I was just using my iphone 4s!
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About a week ago this was completed but still much more work to do. I have to purchase the water cooling parts then the fun will begin.
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Looking good, the GTX will look even better when you replace it with a black water block.
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Sleeved the front i/o cables and keeping everything wireless where possible. The PSU is a tight fit with the modular cables, thinking about buying an extender. Can not wait to get my loop started.

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Been a long time coming. Did some changes over the months.

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