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Special case: Upgrading

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Full story:
1. I used to have a prebuilt system with Windows 7 OEM on it
2. I bought the cheap Windows 8 Pro upgrade thingy in October 2012 for that prebuilt
3. Im now on a new custom build with Windows 7 Pro but without a license/key
4. I want to upgrade to Windows 8/ 8 Pro

So my questions are:
1. can i upgrade for free because i paid for it once before?
2. Will the upgrade work (not clean install) seeing how My win 7 is without a key
3. If the answers to 1 and 2 are Yes, can i upgrade seamlessly without reinstalling games/programs just like what happened when I upgraded from 7 to 8 Pro on my prebuilt system (which no longer exists)

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technically, you purchased the win 8 key for the prebuilt computer. it is against ToS to load that key to a different system.

that being said, although you are not supposed to, it should work. Through my MSDNAA accounts i have gotten 4 win 7 pro keys, 2 win 8 pro keys, and 1 win 8.1 pro key that i have installed on virtual machines, swapped between my laptops and desktops and have never had an issue authenticating windows because they are all legit keys.

edit: also, you should be able to upgrade just fine. only windows upgrade i have had issues with was the upgrade from 8.1 preview to 8.1 pro (msdn subscribers got 8.1 about a month early) windows 8 keys will work with 8.1
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How can i find the key for my prev system? I dont know which email i used to register windows 8/pay for windows 8, I checked across 9 different email accounts and cant find anything
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As i said, the previous system no longer exists
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if you can find some sort of proof of purchase, that would be best, you can follow this guide to request a new key from microsoft:

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do you know if microsoft sends any confirmation emails after a purchase of windows 8 online?
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i would think it would depend where you purchase it from. when i create a new order on the MSDNAA site, i get a receipt email
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