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Good but cheapish HDTV for my room?

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I'm going to buy an HDTV for my room sometime soon. It's somewhat small, and viewing distance will be about eight feet or so. It's a little dark in my room, and the lights (when on) are quite strong -- I'm not sure which type is the best to go for (plasma, LED, LCD), etc.


Primary use will be watching anime on Crunchyroll and TV shows on Netflix (via Apple TV.) I don't want 3D or anything like that. Must be 1080p.


I'm thinking of something around 32-40 inches with a thin bezel that can be wall mounted. My budget is only 300-$500 AU. I'll definitely go into a store and have a look when I can, but this is something I thought looked okay: http://www.dicksmith.com.au/tvs/panasonic-32-81cm-high-definition-led-tv-th-l32b6a-dsau-ge3553


Any input appreciated =)

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Well, I am not completely up to date on the best brands I can help with the type of TV you should probably get based on the information you gave.

First off, from what you described, I have approximately the same sized room as you. I have a 32" in my room and a 40" in my living room. Honestly, the 40" in my opinion would be a bit too large for your room. It would definitely be too big for me. If you wanted bigger than 32" I would not go any bigger than a 37"

As far as the type of TV, if you have bright lights in the room I would definitely stay away from plasma as they have a glass screen and you would end up getting quite a bit of glare. Between the LCD and LED I would go LED. The LED uses less power and in my opinion looks a little nicer than the LCD. If you want to get technical, an LED TV is the same thing as LCD, except the backlight is LED instead of CFL. Aside from using less power, LED's will have a better contrast ratio than LCD which will make blacks appear darker opposed to on a LCD.

As for the brand, I would stick with a more well known brand such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic. The TV you linked is a good choice.

Hope this helped a little.
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