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Middle aged white guy.
Part time geek
Full time water cooling junkie

My first X79 build hardware:

New Chip 3970X
New Asus Rampage Gene (Bios 4303)
New Corsair Dominator 2133 16GB


I am running the system in XMP for the RAM which is workign perfectly. with all other settings left to default the CPU clocks up to 40x @ ~1.38v and down to 12x @ ~.8.

As soon as I make any changes to the multiplier or voltage I lose all speed step functions. No voltage drop and/or no multiplier drop. Very irritating since I rarley turn my system off. If I play with the C states and manually enable/disable them I can get the CPU to drop multiplier if i enable C1 and disable the rest.

My irritation starts and my knowledge ends here as my experience with recent CPUs is limited to the 3570/3770 chips and not SB-e. This is my first Asus board in a very very long time and I am hoping this is a simple setting change and not a limitation of the brand.


I would like to clock the chip up to 4.2-4.5 range with EIST functioning and able to downvolt / downclock as utilization changes. Like normal. The CPU seems to be happy at low voltages so I am hoping to get some pretty numbers out of this CPU.

Thanks in advance...
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