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Hey everyone, this is my first forum post and i am in need of some help. In April i got my first gaming computer built by Tiger direct(maybe my first mistake?) Once i got home and turned on my PC i noticed that it had a really loud hum from a fan, but i figured its a gaming computer and its just meant to be loud. I found out that it was my CPU Water cooler that was making all the noise but since i have a FX-8350 CPU which is know to use a lot of power and generate a lot of heat i just figured it was doing its job...

Within the last week since BF4 came out, i wanted to Overclock my CPU to 4.5ghz, which i did fine. When i stress tested it the CPU would climb up to 70c+(sry Canadian) and i know they shouldn't go over 62c. What i also noticed is that my CPU Fan will always stay at around 1300-1420rpms even under 100% load. I Have tested out a bunch of different ways like Speed fan and disabling the Q-Fan in the BIOS.. nothing. So what do you guys think?

Computer Specs:
Cool Master HAF 932 Case
AMD FX-8350 8Core 4.0ghz
Cooler Master Seidon 120m
Thermalake Smart 750W 80 Bronze
Kingston Hyper 16GB RAM
AMD Sapphire Duel X 7970 3GB
WD Blue 500GB
WD 2TB External Harddrive