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Originally Posted by jellis142 View Post

I'd be more worried about glare tongue.gif

this, and alot more. NO monitor you can buy on the consumer market is designed to operate outdoors. meaning, you will BARELY be able to see the image coming from the monitor if it's set up outside on a sunny day (even under a tent) the image will all be washed out by the intense ambient light and whoever playing the game in that environment would NOT enjoy it.

you can try this yourself and just get a laptop and try to use it in an outdoor environment, you will have to strain your eyes simply to see what's on the screen, forget about trying to play any kind of flight sim on it. the only way this would work is if you build a "dark room" to bring ambient light down to indoor levels, or i'm afraid you'll be wasting your time.
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psyclum makes a good point. Sides on awning are a very good idea. thumb.gif
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Ok so I got some tarps to lay down on side of booth so it'll provide shade for the monitor. Thanks for that! smile.gif
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even tarp may not be enough to darken the tent down enough for monitors to work properly. just keep in mind that a single window in a room on a partly cloudy day is all you need to keep a room bright enough for gaming. tarp block out "some" light, but not like a wall. i would STRONGLY recommend you test this out on your backyard prior to the fund raiser to see if it's a viable solution. i have a feeling that even with tarp it "may" still be too bright
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