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7970 DC2T Crossfire with ?

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First off I’ve always been very happy with this card, even BF4 runs at 50-60fps on max settings at 1080p. without any noticable frame drops, allround smooth gameplay.

I started looking into the overclocking abit more, and found out that the newer 7970 DC2’s are locked voltage. (Mine is one of the older cards with the unlocked voltage)

I have been looking into getting a second card for a while now, prices are starting to drop quite a lot, which makes it even more tempting.
What I’m concerned about is that the new DC2T I might be buying one with a locked voltage.
Which would result in my not being able to increase the voltage at all (or at least I presume)

If not for the locked voltage, I might have bought one already. So just this is what’s holding me back at the moment.
But prices right now make it very tempting to just get a second DC2T and just deal with it.

Reason for getting a second one is that I’m also getting a 1600p/1440p monitor in the near future
I have had the chance to test a 1440p monitor, but performance was below accaptable imo

Alternatives, suggested by a few friends:
-sell the 7970 and get a pair of MSI 7970 or club3D Royalace or something (all very low prices, but would have to buy new adapters for my current monitor/tv setup)
-just get one new MSI card (or even a reference card), and pair that with the 7970

Me personally I like the DC2 cards, with the backplate etc.
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even with the locked voltage you should be able to push it a bit further anyway, regardless of overclocking it, it'll still massively outperform your current setup.

I didn't think these had locked voltages, even the new ones, can't you push them to like 1.3v or something?
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with the lastest GPU tweak my voltage is locked to 1060mv
only with an older version 2.2.1 or something i can fully adjust my voltage to 1.3+ V orso

even with just 1060V i can manage 1100Mhz with 110/120% power target.

these cards were suppost to be used with the rampage series motherboards:

"VGA hotwire:
Propreitary VGA hotwire allows you to plug and solder wires on the card's voltage regulators and accurately read and control Vcore, Vmem, and PLL voltages from ASUS ROG MBs on a hardware level"

"Love to overvolt but got mad trimming the tiny variable resistors? With the VGA Hotwire feature, plug the two-wire cable onboard and solder two wires on the VGA's voltage regulator and accurately adjust the voltage, taking your system to the next level while avoiding some risks."
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If you can still get 1100mhz with that extra voltage I really think you should just bite the bullet and get it, considering that you'll be pretty much doubling your FPS whilst not breaking the bank it's pretty much a no brainer for me.

I'm going to be building a new machine and i'm going with the 7970 GE purely because it's just awesome performance for a bottom of the market price biggrin.gif

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