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7900GS Vista Overclock

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As far as overclocking goes i have relatively little knowledge. I basically want to know if it's possible to overclock this card in Vista RTM? Or will i need to bios mod it using XP and then boot into Vista?

Also, on XP, i got pretty good OC'in results using coolbits however when i OC'ed my CPU from 2.13 to 2.72 and tried getting the same results using coolbits, i got artifacts after only a few mhz of OC'in. Why is that?

Thanks, Law

Core2Duo E6400 CPU
ASUS P5B mobo
1.5GB DDR2-667 Budget Ram
CPU&GPU Astek Waterchill Watercooling
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No. You dont need any BIOS mods at all. That card will run in Vista Fine as it is. When it comes to overclocking you will have to wait until such Overclocking programs such as Rivatuner and coolbits are Vista compatible...The card is fine.
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