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I've always built my own machines, but right now Cyberpowerpc has a deal for a system with a 7990 for $1359, plus some refinements. I can't even come close to matching that scraping for lowest priced DIY parts.

Comments appreciated.

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That my friend is a deal and I might pull the trigger on one myself.
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What would you change/add to the system?
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I would upgrade to 16 gigs and change the primary Hard drive to a 250 gig Samsung 840 evo drive and add a secondary 1 tb drive or more depending on how much you plan to store.
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I can't believe the 7990 is back up to $800 dollars. I picked one up for $650. I've been playing Bf4 with a 1440p panel, ultra settings with steady frame rates. No drops.
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Tanks dude, for that link.
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I changed the case to a corsair haf xb and added 16gigs of ram and a Samsung 840 evo ssd for the main. I put an order in myself. Thanks for the link as well.
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What about the mobo? The Asus Z87-k is pretty much bottom of the barrel, although as long as it is stable and has the basic ports it's good enough for me. I'm almost leaning to the Asrock Extreme4, although I've never owned an Asrock. Anyone have experience with Asrock these days? I've heard they've evolved into a nice board.

My budget is $1500 (promised wifey), so I'll have to limit the changes.
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Hmmm. I would wait on the hard drive upgrade then until you have extra cash. That will be the easiest upgrade as long as you know how to reinstall programs, backup your data etc.

Motherboard I would go with a MSI Z87-G45 or Gigabyte Z87X-OC or UD4H.

Upgrade the cooling to the Asetek 570LX and that will keep you under $1500.
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You could also downgrade your CPU from an i7 to i5.
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