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I saw another thread that's over a year old regarding the same issue. Unfortunately, the person that posted, never updated his post nor had any solid info that's useful. The ASUS P9X79 Deluxe has served me well these last two years and now I am going under water for the first time since early 2000ish when watercooling was in its infancy stage for PC use. The company MiPs has gone out of business in germany so I am unable to even contact them for support.

Installed is the South Bridge block and Voltage Regs. When the SB block is tightened snug and torqued the board bends. In addition to this the block becomes un-flush looking by eye. So for now, I backed off on the three screws which two out of three are not even snug. The block isn't coming off or wiggling. Would it be fine to use it like this? I used the supplied thermal tape in addition to arctic ceramic on the SB chip itself. Any one have advice?

Also, if needed. is arctic silver ceramic safe to use on VRM chips as an alternative to the stock thermal pad used ?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.