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First, thank you for helping so many people with all these bsod's its the worst.

However, I get a BSOD: Driver Power State Failure. I shut her down, and she starts right back up like nothing is wrong. (cliffs notes version)

My question is this.

Since I am not one of the 'Elite Overclockers'. Do I still need to do all the steps that you listed after you instructed we needed to revert to our systems original settings? Im a wuss, so I am regular slo-ol-laptop.

I do know you need all of the 'hardware info and computer info' so you know what it is you are trying to help with. *this should go in our signature, correct?

Also, I took shots of all the error numbers from the BSOD with my cell phone that I can provide too if that would be of help. (actually I took picts of the full screens message and the error numbers located at the bottom of the BSOD. I could attach them for you.

Can you let me know please if you would like that info?

Do I need to do the procedures you have listed after folks return their system to a 'regular' state?

And, if I get stuck during that process of getting these 'logs' you speak of, is there somewhere I can ask for assistance? Or are there any mods that may be logged in that I could perhaps PM so that I may be able to get it done more quickly? (if not, I completely understand) OR should I just add to this original post, or PM you? (i want to avoid doing this, as I know you are a busy dude and dont need to hold this idiots hand'.

Thanks so very much.


For the rest of the peeps, please be patient with me, im a photographer and editor, I have 'some' knowledge of my computer, but im not an expert, so im asking for patience please. Im not being lazy when asking for help, I am literally asking because I need help. Thank you!