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Laptop Not Booting

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So lately my laptop has been acting up and it will begin to boot up, the cd/dvd drive will check for media and the fans will be going but it will just be sitting on a black screen. I have had this problem with my desktop, and turns out it was the CMOS battery, but i just replaced the CMOS battery in my laptop. so I need some ideas on what it could be.

Also, the date was December 2007 before i changed it, so i know the CMOS needed to be changed to begin with. But the problem is still going on. mad.gif

Thanks guys!

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Does it seem like it's booting but just not displaying anything? Is the hard drive activity light doing anything? If it is, it could be the graphics or could be the screen. You should try holding up a flashlight at different angles to the screen to see if it's just the backlight that went out. Also try connecting it to an external monitor.

If it doesn't display anything on the external monitor, and you don't even see the POST screen when you first hit the power button, then it's something wrong on the motherboard. You could trying swapping out RAM sticks/taking the hard drive out and seeing if you can find a hardware configuration that it does boot with. Sometimes it's just one bad part that makes the POST utterly fail. But that's rare and if that doesn't work, there probably aren't any more troubleshooting steps that you can take.
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turns out, my hard drive died on me... it started to get the click of death shortly after i posted this. Thanks though!
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