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[BUILD LOG]Thoroughbred watercooling tower. [PREFAB]

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To start of with i want to say that this build log may be a bit premature but i wanted some input " to brag and get slaughtered smile.gif ".

The story goes something like this.
2 days ago me and a friend of mine was talking over steam.
He has a super nice water-cooled computer and i have a dream of building a computer from scratch.
So I asked him what his dream cabinet would be like.
And this is more or less what he answered.

4x 200mm radiators and fans in bottom.
4x 200mm fans in top.
an enclosed lower section with room for psu and pumps.
Plenty of backroom for wires and stuff.
XL-ATX compatible.
And no need to worry about size.

So with that in mind i started playing around in sketchup.
I also found a local place where they can do all the cuts and I am currently calculating price.

This is what I got so far.

In the bottom there is room for 4x 200mm radiators and fans
and the top has room for 4x 200mm fans or 3x 200 radiators with fans.
in the back there is 30mm clearance for cables and stuff.

The case is made up of three parts.
Top, middle and bottom.
Top and bottom part holds the fans and stuff While the middle part holds all hardware and can stand on its own as an open case.

Here is the middle part.
I haven't added mounting for drives yet.

There are still some issues i need to address.
  1. A few holes for water-cooling.
  2. Mounting points for pumps.
  3. overhauling the design to make sure there aren't any odd numbers like 7,2mm or 43,5mm.

so... any thoughts and ideas are welcome. but keep in mind depending on how much the case will cost to make we might not go through with it.
Most of the hardware is already in house tho.

================================== part 2 ==================================

Now i have redone the case ground up to make sure all measurements are up to spec.
In the process some changes have been made.
This includes removable tray and back-pane for easy installation.

Other changes are.
1. HDD and drive tray now added with room for 1x optical drive 5x HDD and 11x SSD.
2. Changed location of air vent on side panels to optimize airflow.
3. Almost all corners are now 45 degrees.
4. removed the 45 degree top fan to make room for optical drive.
5. Added support for EVGA's HTPX Form factor.

Then i laid it all out in two flat surfaces.
One for the 10mm plexi and one for the 5mm plexi.
Calculated the price and...
Oh my god. 484$ just for the materials. Oh well we have some saving up to do so Iā€™m putting this project on hold for now.
We will be back on it sometime after Christmas.

I will be posting the blueprints this week as promised.

In the meanwhile here is the case with changes.

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That looks so purty! Subbed!
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subbed biggrin.gif
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By the way, you should put the HTPX mobo format that asus made in that case! could be awesome!
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ok. ill have a look at the HTPX mobo format thingy you mentioned.
Had a talk with my m8 yesterday and we agreed that the watercooling part should be rigid.
ill also add some water channels carved into some Plexiglas.
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I'm gonna ask for a little help here.
I vary much need some blueprints / measurements on this Phobya Xtreme 200 V-2 Full-Copper
I have been looking a bit around but haven't found anything helpful.
Its the screw and g1/4 holes i'm interested in as it has some impact on how i make the design.
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disregard the last post.
we have 3 of the 4 200mm coolers now so i can take the measurements myself.

I'll be adding estimated price sometime next weak and uploading the plans with all measurements in mm.
This includes HTPX compliance.
"Just in case someone else would want to build this case".
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And there you have it. This project will be going to sleep this weekend.
We will be back sometime after Christmas.
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