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Thanks! Hopefully will clarify the real weight for people searching.
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Just got my black rival however that white one looks sexy, should I go with the white?

What's the main complaint for the white rival?
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I've been used to 800 DPI and 0.8 sens in CSGO for a while now. Is there any real reason for me not to change my dpi to 640 so I can put my sensitivity to 1 in game? Or should I just use a rounded out number for my dpi? I would like my sens to be as close to each other in both windows and cs..
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No man, u should change too 800/1 or 0.5 for your OCD madness.
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Hi, need tips. I have a mx518 and want buy a new mice, and I tested the deathadder 2013 of a friend, but the curve shape in the left side when drag the mouse backward without move my hand in the mousepad (I do it often) it press more in my thumb than mx518 and brothers a few more (in the area of image):

so, with the shape of steelseries rival, will happen the same? or will it equal of comfortable than mx518? and like is the rival rubber tact compared to deathadder rubber, better or worse?

Other option is buy a logitech g402 (it have very similar shape from behind to mx518) but in design I like more the rival, althouh I dont know if the rival brothers me.

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I feel pretty comfortable with my Rival and im used to its tracking. But if there is a chance that it has acceleration and jitter issues and im just "used" to it, i cant live with that.

I haven't read the entire thread, could someone summarize the do's and dont's for me please?
What i have so far is:

-Uninstall Steelseries engine after configuring the mouse.
-Install the 3.1.4 to get the firmware

Is it fine to use any DPI? I am currently using 400DPI, 1000Hz.
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Get the latest firmware dude
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Originally Posted by Aventadoor View Post

Get the latest firmware dude

I have the latest firmware atm. But what about the people complaining about the newer firmware saying it jumps etcetc?

For the record, i dont have any issues with my rival jumping. But it does malfunction if i swipe _really_ fast while "putting the mouse down again" after a lift up (hard to explain)
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why is everyone using 800/1 ratio?
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lol I have no idea what mine is and i don'tcare my mouse works great
update firmware?
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