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Hello. I just bought ASUS HD7970 DC2T, and found one awful problem: after i restart PC, windows boot with 640x480 resolution.
So, i have x3 17" monitors with 1280x1024 resolution, combined in eyefinity (4072x1024, bezel compensated), and, plus, one 19" 1440x900 monitor (4rd). All of those monitors, in past, connected to HD 7850 (VGA => mDP, VGA => mDP, VGA => HDMI, and DVI => DVI), and i have no problems. But now, i have only 3 adapters (DP => VGA, DVI-D => VGA, DVI-I => HDMI => VGA) to connect 3 of 4 monitors to HD 7970. But 4rd monitor connected to Nvidia GT 8500 - DVI-DVI (in past, i used this 8500 as PhysX accelerator). So, after configuring resolutions, position, i reboot my PC. After it - 2&3 monitors disconnected, 1&4 monitors in 640x480. How can i fix it? I have two operation systems: W7x64, and W8x64. On w8 all working perfect, but on W7 cant keep my resolution.

(sorry for my language)