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Two Seasonics Dead?

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My problem in short, I do something GPU intensive, monitor goes to sleep mode.

Main story, about a week ago i got a brand new Seasonic Platinum 660W for
Intel C2D E6300
Asus P5QL pro
4GB DDR2 800 MHz
Nvidia 8800GT
Everything was working fine, until i started to watch a movie in VLC media player. My PC crashed (black screen, and i think music also froze), only holding down power button worked. No errors in event viewer. Tested CPU with prime on 100%, everything fine, launched Furmark for GPU, same story, black screen crash. Then i tested the system again with my old PSU (Chieftech 620W), and everything was fine, Furmark, VLC, games etc, no crashes. Went back on Seasonic, tried different wires, different ports, new GPU drivers, still the same problem. I tried memtest, didn't get any errors. Measured the 12V rail, it was 12.158V under load. So then i just RMAd the PSU and i just told them to replace it with Seasonic X650. End of that.

In the mean time, i got some new pc parts:
Intel i5 4670k
Gigabyte Z87X-D3H
8GB DDR3 Patriot
but the same old 8800GT
Now, in the beginning i used the old Chieftec 620W, because i was waiting for the replacement. I installed new Windows 8 with new drivers and everything. All was working fine. I finally got the Seasonic X650 today, hyped as hell, plug everything in, do some cable management, turn on the PC, test with VLC again. Boom, same problem mad.gif . But this time i can hear the movie going on in the background, just the monitor is in the sleep mode and it will not wake up. Only holding down power button works again. As i'm pretty sure that it's basically the same problem, I haven't even bothered testing with prime and furmark again as it seems to be the same issue. I thought that maybe it's the new Haswell low power state thingy, disabled those in BIOS, still have the problem. Now i'm literally running out of ideas here... Two bad Seasonic PSUs in a row?? Is 8800GT to blame with it's only one 6 PIN power connector [(lol) Seasonic has 2x6+2 PIN, will it maybe detect a surge or anything] ? I really don't want to hassle with the RMA again and switch the damn supplys.

Please help guys, Google has gotten me nowhere!
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So i removed the graphics drivers and just launched up a video in VLC with the basic Windows 8 drivers, it didn't crash. Installed the drivers and again, black screen. While idle, i touched the back of the Graphics card where the VRM should be, and it was quite hot, but i could still keep my finger there. Could it be that the Nvidia drivers protect the GPU from overheating or something (wouldn't make much sense because that didn't happen with old PSU)? Would a motherboard BIOS update fix this? Is there a possibilty that the PSU is giving the old GPU too much power? I just don't want to belive that i have gotten two faulty Seasonic PSUs in a row rolleyes.gif

Any help much appriciated.
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