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Gigabyte Z87X-D3H shutdown problem

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Hi there!

I am posting on here in the hope that someone may stop my hair from being totally pulled out.

When I shut the system down from the start menu the PC wont turn back on. Switching off the mains for a short period sometimes fixed this problem but no longer.
I am currently stuck in a failed boot loop with the PC not getting past the bios post boot screen. If I manage to get to the bios I select my profile which sometimes crashes the PC or fails to restart when the bios is exited.
The PSU has been exchanged as I originally thought that may have been the problem.
The memory is fine.

This problem did not occur when restart was selected. Only when the PC was shutdown.
Any help/pointers would be gratefully received.
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that is really weird, i went through an issue where my bios settings were not being saved and replacing the CMOS battery with a new one fixed the issue with my motherboard.

I think its either a bad motherboard

or maybe replacing the CMOS battery?
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Thanks for the reply.
I've got the engineer coming out under warranty to replace the mobo but i'll definitely give the battery change a go.
You wouldn't think it for a new mobo but you never know!
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that was fast. if the new motherboard you are getting is also experiencing the exact same issue, its probably your windows installation. something might have gone wrong or corrupt. a fresh windows installation should be the fix. good luck, hope that helps.
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The battery thing didn't work.
There have been several installations tried on the system to no avail. Also it doesn't help installing the new OS when the PC has to restart and it goes into the "loop of death"
The system has even been returned to the vendor and they couldn't find a fault!
At least I am getting a new mobo when the engineer arranges to call (I also requested a brand change). It's just something that is bugging the life out of me as I like to get closure on things.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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