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I have a i7 3770 Alienware x51 with GTX 660 TI and a AMD FX 8320 with GTX 760 and both are pretty comparable. They usually get about he same FPS and benchmark similar(SLI disabled). Both are about twice as fast as my notebook which is a i7 740QM.

Its true that some things bottleneck on one core on the AMD but those things are typically old and performance is good enough anyway, but the majority of stuff takes advantage of multiple hardware threads. For that reason I'd either send the money and get the i7 or save money and get FX, but I don't think I'd get an i5 with only 4 threads.

I typically don't buy the latest generation of stuff anyway (like my x51 was refurbished and a generation behind) so to me the FX is prefect because I'm not trying to buy the fastest thing available, but I do try to something that will last a little into the future.

AMD makes a great CPU for the money smile.gif