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For the second time on a fresh Windows 2000 SP4 install I tried install the Forceware 162.65 WHQL drivers. (Opteron 148, PNY 8600 GT - so the older drivers the better) The drivers itself work well, no question about it, however the settings are GONE FOREVER if I disable the icon in the taskbar.

I don't need and want to the icon be there, so I always disable it. And then the display options miss all the whole settings...!!!


And no, no way in hell clicking on the button bring them back. Nothing happens when I click on the button! It is just not working anymore!

Drivers continue to work:


...but I can't change the settings at all! This is very flustrating. Anyone know about some older good drivers that can handle 8600 GT and do work, instead of these WHQL fails...?

Or is there a way to fix this???