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After recently testing my machine for OCing capability I have run into a problem with one of my memory slots. I had my memory OCed as high as 33% (FSB 266, HT 3x, 2.9v) with a fan blowing on my ram to keep it cool. My ram is 1GB (2x512) pc 3200 Crucial Ballistix wich is known to hit speeds above DDR 500 with a little bit of extra voltage and active cooling, and recemmends 2.8v to the dims at stock speeds. I never put more than 2.9v to my dims and that was only in place for about 8hrs, if that. It wasnt 100% stable at those speeds so I dropped the OC a bit. It then ran for 14hrs with a 25% OC (FSB 250, HT 4x, 2.8v) in prime95 without a single error. Shortly after this, I reset it back to the stock speeds with a lower voltage (FSB 200, HT 5x, 2.6v) because I want impressed with the perfomance increase in the applications I was running at the time. I thought it safter to run on stock setting for the time being until I neede a little kick in perfomance. It had run stable on the stock settings listed above for about 6 months before I OCed it, and ran without a hitch for 2 days before problmems occured.

The Problem:

The memory slot nearest my cpu contiually gives me memory errors when I try to boot a single stick of ram in it. If I run 2 sticks in dual channel I can sometimes get it to post (25% of the time) and once in windows I can run prime95 for 5-20min with no errors?!?! Both my ram sticks run perfectly fine in all 3 other memory slots and I get the same result form my back up stick of mem that has never been OCed (won't post in slot 1, no errors at all in the 3 others).

The Question:

Is it safe to assume my memory slot is fired or is there some way I may be able to fix it. This board is suppose to be an OCers board and I find it hard to belive that after 8hrs with 2.9v to my dims that one slot would fail while the other would be fine. I dont think my board is still under warrenty so RMAing may be out, and I havnt tried ASUS customer support yet. Right now my ram is runnig in dual channel mode by using the other set of paired mem slots and is running fine at stock speeds. Im not totally depressed as I never planned on maxing out my board with 4 dimms anyways, but OCing is in my blood and I really dont know whether to risk it again on this second set of memory slots...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Edit: After researching some of the newegg's negative reviews on the board I found a number of people had the same problem with the same memory slot that I had. I am wondering if there is something inherint in the design of the board that prompts that slot to go faulty after a time. I have not read anything about the secodary slots failing and am wonderin if it might be ok to OC on those slots in the future? Anyone here have any experience with this board, I could realy use some advice.

Edit: Turns out my problem may have been my video card...go figure. I recently did a search on restart errors, and found the beep code for my rig. I was getting 1 long, 2 short, which apparently means a gfx card problem. I reconnected my gfx card in the second DVI slot and so far no more problems. It's been awhile since I had to remember the error beep code, but now I know where to find it.