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I am right handed. So I don't use the right side button of the Zowie mice. For more comfort I "doubled" the dpi button to the right side front switch. So I don't have to lift and turn around the mouse the switch dpi.
Little easy mod. Because I was to lazy I did not desoldered the target button. I only cut the wires with pliers.

For someone who would like to know more, here are the pics:

4 screws under the glide pads

2 screws for the pcb in the top shell (not shown)

marking the switch the become the dpi button (white piece of tape) / 2 pcb screws

because of the position of the dpi button ...

... I extend to this side

cut the "old" wires - important to avoid short circuit

pcb back in

cable extension

I did the same mod to the AM-FG.

And don't forget: You are not a pro player if you change dpi during gaming wink.gif