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Originally Posted by Buzz247 View Post

lmao ya know... I knew it was coming at some point I wrestled with what case for a looooooong time. I know a LOT of people go caselab for various reasons. (and one of the reasons this build hasn't been very popular is because it is NOT a CL case lol) I had various reasons for going MM. Modularity, space, customization, futureproofing - some of the major reasons. I just couldn't get past the compartmentalization of the CL cases. Just wasn't open enough for me - well for my taste anyway.

The compartmentilazation of the CL is also why I am looking at the MM as well, I will need the ability to manipulate the motherboard location, and the MM gives me better options regarding that.
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Originally Posted by OCAddict View Post

The compartmentilazation of the CL is also why I am looking at the MM as well, I will need the ability to manipulate the motherboard location, and the MM gives me better options regarding that.
come to the dark side - we have cookies!!

So beginning to struggle with how to handle my EK block. Been bothering me since I bought it since it is the only nickle in my system. Trying to decide on either finding a way to remove the nickle (see THIS thread), or investing near $100USD in enough Mayhems X-1 Clear Concentrate to treat the volume of my system. Some interesting ideas came up in that thread. Still not sure which way to go with this though. Leave it be, buckle and add X-1, or dismantle and pull the block apart to remove the evil EK plating.

Amazed I haven't been shunned more between my non CL use and hatred of EK lachen.gif
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Got a few more parts the other day and some more tubing. Started to re tube and finish the long runs to and from my mobo. In the process decided some revamping was needed due to "learning" tubes I didn't like, and realization of the cluster... um... mess it looked like the way I was going to route it. More on that later, still in the midst of bending and pulling my hair out on stupid mistakes and waste.

Went to install the waterblock for the Aquaero 5XT and get that piped into the run. Not happy.... The block itself was filthy. And not stuff that came off with a bit of cleaning, but fingerprints stained into the copper. (too bad I didn't have access to Interpol databases, I could find out who did it, that's how complete the print is!) Probably should have taken a shot of the side of the block so you could see the full thumbprint I was talking about... oops
*edit: got the forum admins looking into why this photo won't show. No upload error or anything - just says not available... - finally got it to work

On top of it, QA on these blocks must have been done after a night out. The stainless plate that covers the block has burrs left from plasma cutting, wasn't the right size opening to let the thread thru to screw into the block, and had to dremel it out to fit.

Then... discovered the ports are too close for my ghost fittings to work. So now have to order ( another week or so) angle extensions to allow usage. Probably just wait until end of the weekend now to see what other messups I have to order coverups for lol

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You may want to grab a couple monsoon free center fittings. They would fit there. Will fit the primochill tube just have to use their lock collar on the one end.
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Originally Posted by DaaQ View Post

You may want to grab a couple monsoon free center fittings. They would fit there. Will fit the primochill tube just have to use their lock collar on the one end.
Brilliant! maybe the solution I am looking for! Be interesting to try em out at least anyway.

So did some bending, re aligned my block per suggestion by Daaq in another thread ( channel vs. pin block on a 3770k die, apparently makes a difference.), and got a bit more cranky lol - bending - what else did you expect? 2 of my runs have to have 30"+ runs. The one for the CPU in went like a breeze and was probably the prettiest sequence of bends I have done yet. Everything else... went to heck. The GPU down to the 2nd pump... wasted 3 36" runs on this. 1 snapped because I wasn't paying attention and hit it while turning, 1 I burned a spot (think I zoned out on the drone of the heatgun LMAO) and the other would have been fine, but it was tight on the mobo support bracket and kinda rubbing - so my OCD kicked in and figured better soften one of the bends at the bottom to give a bit more clearance - bad idea... SNAP!!! So now I am out of 36" and need to get more (need one run so gotta order 2 lol). while redoing my mobo blocks, I wasted 2 24" run just trying to make a simple double 90 from the ram to the ek mobo block. No clue!! kept flaring out on the sides, and kept getting the distance between them wrong (1 to short a span, 1 too long lol) Dang Goldilocks anyway....

But here's some pics of what I have going so far... again... The black retainers for the fittings aren't on yet since I still have to wash the tubes out anyway. Crud... another chance for breaking something lol

LEDs from superbright arrived today. So maybe start a bit on those this weekend and get some light ready to blast this thing. Once I go see Lutro0 end of the month anyway lol
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Are you getting that much flattening in your 90s from the mandrels?
Well from using the mandrels is what I mean.

To below post, I see. It's the primochill tubing right? Sucks having that much ID variance.
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no mandrels... snifff - forgot to place them in the order last week. Funny thing is, every one of those bends was made doing the exact same thing. and the ram>mobo run fought me like hell. I did that run 3 times and finally gave up. all the other bends were off of 36" tube and snug fit silicone insert. This batch of 24" was looser than a $2... well you get my drift. And I am convinced that is why I had the flattening, The silicone was leaving huge gaps when I went to bend. No other run did that, but the stuff from the 24" batch did.it will get re done - OCD won't allow me to settle for that - I just got tired and near out of hair to pull. Oh... need more tube too

As for the rest of all my bends - no mandrels.... all freehand and beautiful results shockingly (Then again you haven't seen the pile of scrap I have either wink.gif)

Edit: decided to show you today's pile o' scrap. Mind you - this is just todays. does not include from previous bending I did earlier that I threw out and re did today lol

Burnt tube, snapped corners, flattened, wrong measurement spans between bends, dang I should own Primochill stock...

Edit 2: found a new use for the bits I cut off as I shortened tube for fitting. 12mmOD - same size as my gal's gauges lol Ya know... never thought jewlery and PC world had so much in common - this is the second time she has taken my scraps for use LOL She likes her new UV Blue gauges

Sand n polish and they will actually look nice I think lol
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Wow Buzz you've been rather busy since I last checked in on ya, that tubing looks Killer!
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Time for a "what have you been doing with this and is it dead" update!

NO! Project is not dead. Just annoyingly drawn out by ridiculous issues. I finally got Frozen Q to deal with my reservoir issues. I was not pleased after spending $230USD I received a product with poor aesthetics - as is the center piece was not center on the tube length and created a very poor look the the piece, plastic instead of metal black rods for the outside, and mounting press nuts that were crammed in there so tight a 6/32 would not even begin to screw in. So, after I spent another $20 to ship back (and waited 2 weeks to even get a response), They received Feb 21. I was told by Alex "can you be without it for a couple weeks?" on a phone call. Of course I said - what's a couple weeks after near a year working on this. True to form from when I ordered this originally, it was 9 weeks later and only after a few rather nasty emails I got my product back. And at least Steve admitted I was placed on a backburner (have an email to prove this statement) and vendor orders were placed first. Look I get custom orders don't get precedent always, but after screwing up an order that badly and making me wait that long originally, why would you put me on the back burner?!!??! Certainly will NOT be using Frozen Q again.

Next issue was Primochill tubing. The massive variance in the ID was creating bending issues like mad since the insert Primochill sells does not fit, and causes air gapping and therefor uneven heating. Horrible flattening, flaring, burning/bubbling etc. After a few weeks of waiting (after I had reached my limit of tolerance) I emailed Primochill and explained the situation. Not all of their lots were this bad, some were great, and those bent wonderfully! But the constant replacement and time spent messing with the ones that didn't work as they should have with the insert deserved some acknowledgement. Now, understand, this was after I had placed an order thru PPCS for 3 more 36" runs at $11 bucks shipping and $9.99 each . They did offer PETG replacement, but PETG only comes in clear, and all of my tubing is already done in clear/UV blue. So not gonna match. Ok, now they offer full PETG replacement for all I purchased and I can use dye (of which I have already bought Liquid Utopia and clear/uv blue dye to go with), or I can wait for the clear/uv blue tube to become available again - OH!!! so that's why I have a dropship note on my recent order thru PPCS!!!.... and it says SOLD OUT on their website.... they are discontinuing it me think? Ok, so I can handle all this and they have made gracious offer, but still.... grrr - not to mention the price I paid for the tubing I ordered is nearly 3-4x the cost of the clear PETG tubing if you look at PPCS website. So... I pointed this out - I sent the link to this build log so they understand the size, time and expense in this project already - I sent pics of the tubing already done ( of which there is flaring hidden but there and annoying the hell outta me.) I ask them to step up - and now wait and see what they say. Will Primochill fulfill their role as a mod leader and enthusiast go-to? (and not take the path of the dark side traveled by Frozen Q mad.gif ) Stay tuned to find out!

In the meantime here is a couple of (yes crappy) pics of the tubing updates, and yes, I did have to use the monsoon center fittings for the Aquaero water block. crap.... now I have to reorder the inside rings if i go with new tubing..... and I think that means getting whole new fittings as they don't sell just the rings..... arrrrgh!!!!

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This is turning out to be an extreme amount of work isn't it.

Looks good so far! thumb.gif
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