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I have 2 GTX580's in SLI with 3 monitors @5760x1200. That works fine, except when I want to use my 4th accessory monitor. I hook up my HIS Multi-View II via usb to DVI, and it works well, except it's fuzzy and slow to respond a bit. Solution? 3rd video card. I have a sabertooth x58 mobo, so I snagged a pci-e 1x video card, an nvidia 610. Hook it up, and all is well, until I get into game. My right monitor is delayed. I turn, it has a 1/10th second of a delay. Everything is delayed. I thought it was a driver issue, so I grabbed a radeon 5450 pci-e 1x card. Popped it in, the same thing happened.

Anyone have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it. I'm tired.
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