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FX 8320 lost AMDv

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I typically use AMDv for multiple VMs, mostly using Virutalbox. It's been working fine for the life of this system:

Asus Crosshair V Forumula Bios: 1703
AMD FX 8320

This morning, I booted up my system and it was hung at BIOS splash screen. I didn't think anything of it, powered off the system and restarted just fine.

When I launched Virtualbox, several VMs came up with the error ".....AMD-V is not available. (VERR_SVM_NO_SVM). They would not launch. One of the VMs did launch, however performance was terrible.

I've confirmed that SVM is enabled in the BIOS. CPUz screenshot shows that AMDv is not listed.

A quick google search shows some hits with this error, however, seems like the virtualbox forums are down at the moment. It's hard to tell if this is a Windows 8 problem or an actual hardware problem.

I have another FX8320 with a Gigabyte 990FXA UD5 that I can play with, but I want to know if any of you have experience something like this.

Overclocking wise, I use it at 4.2ghz, with 1.35v. I've gone as high as 5ghz for benching, but I do not run this system daily at those speeds.
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I did a Windows restore. That seems to have fixed the issue.

At this point its either a Windows Patch or Hyper-V install that I did right before the problem began.

the Fixed cpuz shot

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