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yeah but in DX games?

you'll be taking a step back. a 7850 will more of a side grade - i think you'll want to look at a 7870 to be able to have a performance increase in all games. its really silly, esp. considering the pricing i saw here to spend money on just ONE game. (at least until you know for sure how far the adoption of mantle will be).

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just saw your reply . .nevermind . . redface.gif

I'm very content with my 6850. Though the beta drivers are meant for the 7xxx series, I did see a measurable increase in FPS in Battlefield 3 with same settings after installing the 13.10 drivers. I was not able to maintain 60 FPS on Medium before... now on High, I sail happily above 60 FPs at 1080p, so I'm glad to see I still get support there.

We haven't been given any specific benchmarks on the performance gains of Mantle... all we know is that it is "significant"... if the technology lives up to its promise and gains ground, and the FPS boosts are really worth it, and I come across a good offer on a HD 7000 or R series, I may go for it.