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Hey guys, this morning I install W8 - and I am getting some very strange issues. I have wiped and re-installed 3 times already with the same thing happening.
After ALOT of troubleshooting, I have isolated the problem, but have no idea why it keeps happening.

I currently have a GTX Titan and decided to add another one. I figure since I had to do all the work of redoing my loop, I might as well do a fresh install of W8 (been looking to move over for a bit anyways). So here's the issue:

If I run one single card - as in the second Titan is plugged into the motherboard but no power connections running to it - I am just fine, no problems at all. When I put the power connections on the second card and reboot the computer (and also add SLI bridge), I freeze immediately after signing into W8 (every single time) - followed by a BSOD a minute later saying DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. I can log in using safe mode with both GPU's on at which point I am able to uninstall and re install drivers. I have tried the latest official drivers, the latest beta drivers, and rolled back to the latest before this one and all have the same result (doing clean installs each time). mad.gif

Any help is much appreciated - or maybe if you guys could point me in the right direction or get your buddies to take a look at the issue!

Thanks again!