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I have bought me a Asus HD7970 Dcuii Top, my screen is a Benq gl2750hm, when i had a nvidia gpu i just turned gamma down from 50 til 38 and that gave me a picture i liked.

Now i can't get the gamma right, that means i have a picture where i have bright red,blue and also a bit bright green colors, it's actually very anoying, when i play games,using the internet and about everything that you normally would do with a pc, i get a bit focused by this bright intrusive colors (have tried to adjust the colors but if i try it again i will just get frustated because i can't get the colors right) and i consider using my return policy an get a msi gtx 760 gaming oc 4gb more or lees the same price a my asus hd 7970.

Also the sound,noise level it seems to annoy me, its kind of noticeable and a bit disapointing considering it has one of the best coolers and i have read that it's a silent card

My last card was a Msi tf gtx 660 oc

Could you please give me an advice? Mabye help with the colors? Getting another card for the same price would only give me a gtx 760 and it's the gtx 770 that's equal to the performance of the asus hd 7970

I am actually a bit disapointed by the sound,noise level and that i can't adjust the intrusive and bright colors down a bit, the only thing i am not disapointed about is the performance