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Another noobish boring question

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Hi all Ive been on this forum lurking for a few months now and reading alot on ocing and looking at all the amazing builds and rigs here. I learn alot here and was able to do my first successful oc but I now have a few questions.

I currently have a phenom 2 x3 720 BE that I oced to 3.2. I oced it just by augmenting the multiplier from 14 to 16 and after multiple hours of prime95 I had deemed it stable. Few days ago with cpu-z I noticed my core voltage at around 1.450v. I then took my voltage out of auto and back to stock voltage and began bringing it up slowly until I got it stable. So far I'm stable with prim95 for 2hour at 1.350.

Now here's my noob question. Is it normal for mobo to overvolt it in auto by quite a lot. (. 1v)???.

And secondly if I was to unlock my fourth core (wich I know is good) would I have to tweak the voltage again????

Thanks all for your help. If your wondering what my noob rig is its in my sig

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yes, auto overvolts a lot. that .1 is enough to increase the temp by quite a lot (easily 5-10c in a stress test)

the only way you can know if unlocking the next core will be okay is to do it and then increase voltage (start by .01-.02 segments until it is stable). As long as you keep the temps reasonable (aim for less than 60c under load in prime95), you will be good.
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awesome thanks a lot . ill try unlocking the core tomorrow . thanks a lot for your help. + rep
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